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Onboarding system
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If you want to scale a service based business, you have to be good at one of these two things:

  1. Either you have to be very good at picking talent,
  2. or you have to be very good at taking anybody in and then training them to be excellent!

If you can be both, you are unsoppable!

The reason this is so important is that as you scale the organization you need to decentralized you need to give away power to other people who already have the playbook and can run it on your behalf.

The reason the most people get stuck is that they dont’t know how to do one of these two things. 

Whenever you have a service business you have to be good at one of the two because if you are not, you just be bad at bringing people in and if you do bring people in you don’t know how to train them and either way, you lose.


Marci Vasmatics
Education Schools, Universities, Academic Expressions, Student Life Healthcare Medical Care, Pharmacies, Emergency Situations
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Levente Próba
Levente Próba
12 months ago
Very easy to create new courses!