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Dobedu Onboarding System

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Create your own onboarding system and accelerate your business processes!


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Onboarding is always the process of building a new relationship. When a new employee joins your company, you need to teach them what they will be doing, align them with the vision, mission, and values! When you sign a new client, you can't let go of their hand; they eagerly anticipate how you will work together and what they will get for their money. And with a new supplier, you need to educate them on the steps and rules of collaboration!

In addition, you can use the system to sell your own knowledge. Create online courses with downloadable content, quizzes, webinars, or even offline events and sell them on the Dobedu Academy!

It's time to accelerate your business and introduce an efficient onboarding process with the help of the DOBEDU® methodology!

3in1 - 1 system with 3 possible use cases:

  1. Customer onboarding
    • Welcoming new customers
    • Integration steps for customers, who to contact, which forums to use, etc.
    • Product/service training, creating a customer academy
  2. Supplier onboarding
    • Welcoming new suppliers
    • Rules of collaboration and communication
    • Invoicing and fulfillment processes
    • Creating a supplier academy
  3. Employee onboarding
    • Welcoming new employees, basic organizational knowledge
    • Work and fire safety training
    • Position-specific training, exams

Onboarding is a critical process for building strong relationships. Whether it's welcoming new employees, signing up new clients, or onboarding new suppliers, you need an efficient system in place to guide them through the necessary steps. With our custom onboarding solution, you can streamline and enhance your onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience for everyone involved.

Our system offers a comprehensive set of features tailored to your specific needs. From employee onboarding, where you can provide essential organizational information, safety training, and position-specific guidance, to customer onboarding, where you can introduce new clients to your products or services, facilitate knowledge transfer, and create a customer academy, and even supplier onboarding, where you can establish collaboration rules, communication channels, and ensure smooth invoicing and fulfillment processes.

By implementing our onboarding system, you'll be able to save time, improve efficiency, and ensure consistency in your onboarding procedures. Say goodbye to manual processes, scattered documentation, and fragmented communication. With our solution, you can centralize and automate your onboarding workflows, track progress, and provide a seamless onboarding experience for all stakeholders.

It's time to take control of your onboarding process and propel your business forward. Invest in your success by implementing a customized onboarding system tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to get started!

Dobedu Basic

The Dobedu Basic package is recommended for those who want to train a target audience (e.g., new colleagues or clients) through an online course. The course can be divided into chapters, which may include videos, downloadable documents (PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, etc.), and quizzes. However, separate access cannot be provided for the chapters.

The subscription includes:

  • 1 course
  • Division into chapters
  • 1 teacher access
  • Unlimited students
  • Ability to upload documents and quizzes per chapter
  • 2 GB storage space
  • Content protection - we protect your videos, PDF files
  • Updates and new features - we release new versions and maintenance updates approximately every month.
  • Automatic backups

Price: $30 per month*

The subscription fee is deducted monthly in advance.

Dobedu Small Business

We designed the Dobedu Small Business package to allow training for up to 3 different target audiences! For example, you can create one course for onboarding and testing your own colleagues, another course for training your clients, and a third one to support sales and marketing processes.

In this package, we have activated the commercial function, allowing you to sell your courses with automatic invoicing and credit card payments!

The subscription includes:

  • 3 courses
  • Division into chapters
  • 1 teacher access
  • Unlimited students
  • Ability to upload documents and quizzes per chapter
  • 4 GB storage space Content protection - we protect your videos, PDF files
  • Updates and new features - we release new versions and maintenance updates approximately every month.
  • Automatic backups
  • Commercial function*

Price: $79 per month

The subscription fee is deducted monthly in advance.

The subscription can be canceled via the email address The terms and conditions of the subscription and cancellation can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

*If you sell your course to external users on the marketplace, 10% of the gross revenue generated will be deducted as a sales commission.


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Levente Próba
9 months ago
Very easy to create new courses!


Kircsi Levente
CEO of Dobedu

Hello, I am Levente Kircsi. I have been involved in various training sessions for 29 years, and the last 12 years, I have been focusing on companies' onboarding processes. As the Training Director, I have developed the internal training system of BNI Hungary, integrating it into the BNI international method.

It all started from the realization that in a business, I often have to repeat the same information over and over again when we have a new client, new colleague, or new supplier. Sometimes I feel like parrots, and I ask myself, how many more times do I have to say this? That's what onboarding is really about: showing the "whys," explaining the "hows," and measuring progress! And if you capture this on video and put it into the Dobedu system, you will never have to be a parrot in your own company again :)

This is what I truly love, saving hundreds of thousands of hours for others every year, which we can then dedicate to ourselves, our families, or even our businesses.