Marci Vasmatics

Exploring Hungary

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06_Educational landscape Preview 03:48
01_Exploring Hungary
01_Exploring Hungary 02:43
01_Exploring Hungary_small
01_Exploring Hungary_small 02:43
02_Lets Eat
02_Lets Eat 03:27
03_Weather_activities 03:10
04_Economy_currency 02:01
05_Family 03:11


Marci Vasmatics
Sales and Marketing Director
  • Has a large network in the Hungarian and international business community.
  • More than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, and over 3 years of consulting experience.
  • Active in the Hungarian organization of BNI for over 9 years.
  • Has held several leadership roles, such as Development Consultant for 4 years, and President for 1.5 years in one of the BNI groups in Budapest.
  • Leads the Hungarian and international sales team and oversees the processes.